Make Crate Training Fun

Whether you want to crate train, potty train or house train your dog or puppy you will most likely need the help of a dog crate or kennel. Crates and kennels can make great management tools for dogs or pups that are still untrained in house manors. They serve as a good management tool as well as a tool for basic obedience training.

You can see in the video above that I have my dog going in and out of the crate–happy, That’s because I always associate it with high value food. Everyday I strap on the bait bag with cut up hotdogs and run her through this routine. I do the same with the larger kennel as well.

As you start out with this exercise first have your dog just jump in, then come right back out. Pretty soon you can count to 3 seconds before letting her out, then 5, then 10. On and on, longer and longer. When your dog is ready to stay in for several seconds start tossing tiny bits of food every other second or so, then gradually start to shut the door then open it right away.

Usually when I go through a training routine I will include the crate. When I bring it out my dog gets all excited.

If you just shove your dog in the crate and then leave for work your dog will hate it and that is how problems will start. I don’t believe dogs should be left alone or confined for hours on end and getting another dog does not make it better. Crates are not meant to be prisons, they are management tools. You can put your dog in a crate for maybe 2-3 hours a day tops. If you need more than that think about getting a dog walker or having your dog stay with a friend or someone who needs some company.


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