San Jose Dog Training A Labrador To Heel

Generally speaking your dog pulls on the leash from one or all three of these reasons listed below.

1. The dog sees no benefit to staying by your side

2. Reverse reflex reaction.

3. Distractions have your dog’s attention

1. Every second of the dog’s life it is considering what is better. This or that. Normally dog owners don’t give their dog a compelling reason to want to stay by their side. Since there is no reason to stay next to you, there is every reason (distractions) to leave. Usually one of the most compelling reasons for the dog to do anything is food. Food is money for dogs. If you are looking for San Jose dog training that encompasses a balanced approach which includes food please give us a call so we can show you first hand how it all works. By using food to encourage your dog to stay next to you you show the dog by example how comfortable that position is. Use the food to coax the dog’s head up. If the dog has it’s head up that means it’s nose is not buried in the grass. The small distraction grabbing for your dog’s attention is $5.00, a tasty food reward such as a hotdog or a piece of cheese is $50.00

2. If you pull a dog by it’s neck by way of a leash it will most likely pull in the opposite direction.

We call this reverse reflex reaction. Think like your dog for a moment. Your dog is out in front by a foot or so, you are behind your dog using the leash as a device to try to slow your dog. Your dog has learned by example that if it just keeps putting more effort into going forward it will eventually move away from the discomfort of the pressure from behind. At some point you slack up on the leash either conciously or by accident to give your dog one instant of relief thus proving to your dog that if he just keeps trying he will be rewarded if only momentarily.

If you are interested in working with a professional to see for yourself how easy and effective San Jose dog training is then feel free to give us a call so you can get a FREE demo with your dog. After all, talk is cheap!

Try this the next time you are out for a walk with your dog. As you are walking with your dog when you notice it’s nose go past your toes simply turn 180 degrees and walk the other way. Don’t wait for your dog just turn and keep walking. Now your dog is behind you and needs to catch up. When your dog hits the sweet spot “Heel position” pay him with food. Pay him for every step he stays with you. Remember what I said earlier. They are deciding every second what is better.

3. Distractions Distractions Distractions

They are waiting for you and your dog the second you open your front door. That’s why I say that dog training at your house is like fake dog training. In your house or your front/back yard you can largely control the distractions.

You have to take your dog through a distraction proofing process. Start with low level distractions and gradually as your dog gets a handle on things and as you get better at reading your dog you guys can slowly, systematically and incrementally raise the level of distractions. This process is like anything else. It takes a plan. Rate your distractions on a scale of 1-10 and tart out at 1 and work to level 10. Remember to go at your dog’s pace and keep it stress free and fun!


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