San Jose Dog Training Teaches “Attention”

As a San Jose dog trainer I hear a lot of people tell me they want their dog to “pay attention”. Your dog is not unlike us in that it needs a reason to pay attention. Most of us just talk to our dogs in the same fashion we talk to each other. That would be great if dogs spoke human and saw the world in much the same way we do, but they don’t. Think for a moment how hard advertisers and marketers work for our attention and we speak the same language.

Now look at it from the dogs perspective. We are usually several feet away from our dog and it’s nose is just mere inches away from all the thousands of things that are grabbing it’s attention on the ground. By elevating your dog off the ground you do several things at once. You raise your dog’s center of gravity so that it doesn’t want to fall off the raised box. In order to not fall off, it lowers it’s center and assumes the sit position and looks at us. By raising your dog off the ground it can no longer physically get it’s nose to the ground, where 90% of the distractions come from. That is exactly what we want. As soon as your dog gets on the box, sits down and looks at us we are going to pay it with food. The food is money.

If you are looking to do San Jose dog training please ask your trainer to provide examples of their work. With all of these forces at work your dog can now make the decision you want without you having to put undue pressure on the dog, thus keeping the dog in a happy mood and being positively motivated to do the things you want.

Keep in mind I will put pressure on a dog and I will correct a dog but this is not the article for that discussion. If you are looking for San Jose dog training feel free to give us a call so we can show you in person what we are talking about. – See more at:

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